Bible Storyland - The Movie (DVD) AKA Ride to Heaven: An Existential Theme Park Mystery

Bible Storyland - The Movie (DVD) AKA Ride to Heaven: An Existential Theme Park Mystery

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In 2005, LATDA partnered with Harvey Jordan to create an exhibition called “Dream Parks” which featured  a very special collection of paintings created by the same artists who painted the concept drawings for the rides at Disneyland.  Included in this unique set of images were rides for a new park dubbed “Bible Storyland” which was never realized. The discovery of these paintings took Harvey on his own thrill ride, which culminated in the making of this documentary. (**note: In 2016 the title of this documentary was change to “Ride to Heaven: An Existential Theme Park Mystery”)

 LATDA’s contribution to the exhibition was to populate the space with toy versions of amusement park rides, some which were replicas of real rides and others that existed in imagination only. 

Named “Best Documentary Film” at the 2012 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Ride to Heaven: An Existential Theme Park Mystery is the quirky, heartfelt story of art dealer Harvey Jordan and his obsessive quest to uncover the mysteries of Bible Storyland, an ill-fated Bible theme park designed by Disney creatives in 1960’s Southern California. Complete with animation, dream sequences and, of course, a curse, this fun film plumbs the depths of Bible Storyland and its effects on Harvey and his family.  Running time:  85 min.

And here’s what One of Califonia’s foremost historians of popular culture has to say about this DVD:

Bible Storyland’ is a wonderful look at an honest to goodness chapter in California’s folk history. They really wanted to create a Bible theme park in the '60's and Harvey Jordan has researched it all in this documentary that is not only thorough, but respectful. It’s a real investigative eye-opener and fun to watch!” 

Huell Howser, producer/host of “California’s Gold”

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